Font Secrets That Will Attract Quality Job Candidates

Font secrets

Choosing the right font is no easy task. Like any marketing feature, the first goal of a good font is to capture people’s attention. This includes customers, clients, and even potential job candidates.

Of course, when you’re attracting people to your team, you want to make sure it’s the right candidate. Are you ready to learn the font secrets that will attract quality job candidates to your company?

Font Background

By ensuring your visual presence matches your company’s brand, you’ll have a cohesion that quality candidates trust from the start. A good font can also make it easier for people to read and interpret the information you’re offering.

As a consumer, you see fonts all day. From the sophisticated cursive lettering in Cadillac’s logo to the more intense, bold font of Chevrolet, the appearance of the company name makes all the difference in your first impression of them.

Typography is the appearance of words. People will have subconscious reactions to your brand based on the fonts you choose.

Chances are, you already have a font used in your company’s logo. Really take a look at it. Is it in line with the image you want to portray? If not, it may be time to redesign, this time considering the impact of your font choice.

Types of Fonts

Before we dig into the font secrets that can benefit your company, let’s discuss some types of fonts.

  • Serif fonts are those that have little lines attached to the top and bottom of the letters. The font used at the start of this paragraph is Josefin Slab and is a popular serif font. They give an impression of professionalism and staying with tradition.
  • Sans serif fonts are similar to serif, but they don’t have the little lines attached. They have a cleaner, more modern look. This website uses sans serif fonts. They give an impression of being progressive, yet dependable.
  • Decorative fonts are often curly. They can be difficult to read for large amounts of text, but they bring a unique impact when used to highlight, such as in a logo or header. An example of a decorative font is Shadows Into Light which is used at the beginning of this paragraph. They give an impression of personalization and creativity.
  •  can be created by designers. They can be bold, curly, or whatever else makes sense for your company. They give an impression of true commitment to your brand.

Project Your Image

If you’re taking the time and money to put your company out there, you want to make sure you project the right image. It’s no secret that an outdated font can make you look irrelevant and as if you don’t care enough to make progress.

Many programs default to Arial. It’s a reasonable font that’s easy to read. However, don’t just leave the font as-is because it’s easier. Take some time to think about what it says about your company.

A sans serif font implies you’re progressive and dependable. Even if that’s true, is there a more unique sans serif font you could choose to make yourself stand out?

To help you tackle font secrets, here are a few questions to ask yourself before you create another document:

  • Is your business founded on professionalism and tradition? Consider using a serif font. See Tiffany & Company or Sony for examples.
  • Is your company progressive and reliable? Consider using a sans serif font. See Google or LinkedIn for inspiration.
  • Is your company’s essence creative and inspirational? Consider using a decorative font in moderation. See Pinterest for an example.
  • Are you a unique industry leader? Consider commissioning a custom font. See Disney’s logo for an idea.
  • Are you modern and cutting-edge? Consider using bold lettering. See Hulu’s logo for inspiration.

Whether you’re a professional, down-to-business company or you take a more casual approach to doing business, font matters.


Whether you’re trying to attract new customers or top job candidates, consider what makes your company different. How do you stand out from your competition?

While you’re projecting your image, you also want to make sure you aren’t a cliché. Are you a professional clown using Comic Sans for all of your writing? Is everyone in your roofing industry using Papyrus on their website?

Take a chance and try something unique. After all, there’s nobody who does business quite like you.


It’s no secret that visual appeal makes a big difference in the overall look of a website or document. Understanding the impact that fonts have on the appeal of your organization is absolutely necessary.

So, what’s the font secret that can help you stand out?

The first step is considering who you want to attract with your font. Are you in a service industry trying to hire hard working laborers? A flowy, script font might make you stand out from your competition, but it most likely won’t attract the candidates you’re looking to hire.

Imagine a movie poster advertising the latest Halloween horror movie. On one poster, the font is bright red and jagged, giving a very creepy vibe. The other poster uses Comic Sans to display the title. Would you be surprised to find kids in line for the Comic Sans font? How you present yourself affects who you attract.

Do You Care?

A customer can deal with you once and never come back if they’re unhappy with their experience. However, an employee is stuck with you for the long haul. They want to see you have commitment, differentiation, and attractiveness.

MIT conducted a study about the aesthetic effects of typography. During their research, participants read the same content using different fonts. The researchers concluded that quality typography can actually lead to an improved mood.

This means, caring enough to make your font look good can actually benefit anyone who reads it! Take the time to show your customers and job candidates you care.

Font Secrets: What Does This Mean?

If you’re still not sold on the importance of uncovering font secrets, consider your initial reaction to the following: you receive a letter in the mail. When you open the document, the letterhead has a neon blue bubble font. Are you taking this letter seriously?

What do you assume they’re selling? Now imagine you read on and discover it’s an ad for a prestigious real estate company. Would you trust your home in their hands?

The font, from your logo to the text on your website, has a huge impact on viewers. Take the time to consider the font secrets before you draft another word.

Making an effort to choose a font that matches your company will help attract customers as well as quality job candidates.