Shelby Erectors

And literally in 90 days we were able to pick up 50 employees that got us to our goal, where we needed to be, to be able to manage the waters.

– Jack Nix

Shelby Erectors

You know, when I was introduced to Ryan at Core Matters, there were about 150 people in our company.

We had taken on some very large projects, one in particular where we knew we were going to have to grow to about 200 in a short period of time. And we didn’t have the process or I didn’t.

You know, my method of hiring before I got involved with Ryan at Core Matters was to throw mud on the wall. So if you could breathe and you said you wanted to try this work, I’d give you an opportunity.

You know, in that period of time we got involved with Ryan.  He said we need to start actually qualifying our applicants better. And so we took his advice, we did that – we put applicant tracking systems in place, learned how to run effective ads.

And literally in 90 days we were able to pick up 50 employees here at Shelby Erectors. That got us to our goal, where we needed to be, to be able to manage the waters.

So we’re continuing to work with him as to how do we refine our process, how are we going to attract those people to come work for Shelby Erectors, you know, and how do we get that message out.

So it’s very powerful to work with a company that understands blue collar hiring and how to get to those people, to get the applicants you need. 

In building our business and the way we started our business is, you know, I was the guy. I was the one that was making all the decisions.  I was the one that was doing everything from estimating.

And then as you start growing, you start building a team around you, you know, one of the things that you need to do is you need to learn how to delegate and how to build a team and a leadership team that can help support you.

For me, that was extremely hard to do.

It wasn’t until I met Ryan at Core Matters that I started learning and understanding the importance of creating a leadership team and really allowing people to take on tasks that I always did myself.

And so for me, you know, it was very rewarding. Once we identified that leadership team and who those leaders were, it allowed me to focus on other items and actually enabled us to run a much better, more efficient, and safer business.

Core Matters was extremely helpful in identifying not only the right tools but flexible tools that were cost-effective, right. That also helped us to get to a more efficient type of operation and allowed me to get back some of my time.

I’m really now more focused on the big picture – the direction of the company, where the company’s going because I’m not worried about the day-to-day. We’ve set in place, the people in place.

We give them the tools and the power to do that.  We’ve set up accountability systems so we can make sure things are getting done. And so I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I mean, getting my time back was probably the most important thing that we’ve done over the last three years.

And again, I tell it by joke. I say, yeah, I work 40 hours a week or less and I feel like I’m stealing. I want to say thank you to Ryan Englin and Core Matters, his whole team for what they’ve done for Shelby Erectors.

Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Shelby Erectors Shelby Erectors Shelby Erectors Shelby Erectors Shelby Erectors

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