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We can train skill, but defining that culture within your business and then hiring people that align with that culture is what it's all about.

– Chris Peterson

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Prior to Core Matters, we used to just work harder, not smarter. Like I’ll just stay two more hours today and I’ll find a decent applicant in this pile of 40 that are rubbish.

John Jantz with Duct Tape Marketing mentioned Ryan and the Core Matters platform and what it had to offer. So we looked into it and thought that it could solve some of our problems.

It was probably a six month spell where we only hired two people and we were needing to hire one a month. We were just throwing money at it. We were running promotions through Indeed and ZipRecruiter and that wasn’t really helping either.

I was shocked at how in depth it was, as far as going into the marketing, website management, the audit of all of our socials. It’s been a great program for us. We wouldn’t have been able to meet our hiring needs last year had we not changed what we were currently doing. So there’s been a lot of positives to implementing the Core Matters system.

Last calendar year we hired 14 people. So we were over the one a month goal. We’ve hired another eight so far this year and currently we’re not actively hiring for any positions. The quality of the applicants that we’re getting has increased significantly.

I think if you stop and look at how many hours a week he and I both have freed up to work on other aspects of the business, that’s probably been the biggest impact. Every hour that he spends just in a hiring process is sort of holding us back either from fully optimizing our efficiencies on current projects but also being able to just grow down the road. So the impact is even greater than just the hiring process.

I was shocked at how in depth Ryan goes up front. We’ve been hiring for years and right there at the top of the ad was here’s how much we pay and some of those things. And he’s like, “Is that really what you’re recruiting on? People that are just chasing a dollar? Is that who fits your core values and your company’s culture?” I’m like, “No, not at all.” And he goes, “Well, who is it?” I kind of describe that. And he goes, “Why isn’t that at the top of the ad?” So I thought it was just going to be more of a process – like here’s some software, just click the boxes and then it’ll manage the process but you have to do all the heavy lifting and it wasn’t, it’s the overall process. I can only imagine if companies don’t have some of those core values in place it’s a great process to go through because it helps you revamp a lot of those things that are helped when you define your culture within your business.

We can train skill, but defining that culture within your business and then hiring people that align with that culture is what it’s all about.

Stress levels have gone down.

I think there’s so much time and often negative energy around hiring because you know, it’s the whole, “Well, I had another no-call, no-show interview,” or you know, “These people won’t even respond to my emails.” I just don’t hear that chatter much anymore. It feels like it’s time well spent now. Whereas before, I think (hiring) just felt like it’s just a thing you do.

I was out of town last week with nine other business owners from across the country and I literally go, “Okay, I’m not on staff. I don’t get a commission, but here’s this thing you really should look into it.” I think it’s a great service. And again, I think people don’t fully understand it. Usually they go, “Oh, no, we’ve worked with headhunters before.” I’m like, “It’s not that.” What you’re paying for a headhunter for one hire, I feel like we paid to revamp our entire process, not just one hire or, you know, some tidbits. We would have never been able to do that without Core Matters.

They’re flexible and they provide a lot of guidance and they’re really easy to talk to and work with. Like anything in our business, it’s an investment, but at the end of the day, you’ve just got to pull the trigger and do it. If you need to hire three to four people or more a year, this thing pays for itself within that first year easily. Now we’re on to the second year coming into the third and I’m like, “It’s a no -brainer. I can’t imagine how we did it before.”