Are You Desperate, Picky, And Slow to Hire?

Are you desperate, picky, and slow to hire?

Desperate. Picky. AND slow. We see this combination all the time. 

Hiring managers are desperate. They need someone right away. But they want to be picky. Afterall, their team deserves the best. And then they end up being slow to hire because they’re buried in work since they’re short staffed. 

It’s not a winning combination when you want to be the employer of choice during interviews.

Fast, Cheap, Good? Not Likely.

You’ve probably seen the “Fast, Cheap, Good? Pick Two!” maxim floating around the business world. To sum it up, you can’t expect time, cost, and quality to be optimized simultaneously. 

The other day, I realized the same can be said for recruiting. Desperate, picky, and slow to hire? Nope. You can’t be all three. The math just doesn’t work out.

What's Your Recruiting Persona?

Desperate + Slow to Hire = Take What You Get

We understand. You need to fill your job openings right away. Time is money and each day that goes by is costing you jobs. 

Unfortunately, if you’re a desperate hiring manager you’re probably also short staffed and buried in work. That makes you slow to respond. By the time you get around to scheduling interviews, the best candidates are off the market. When your company finally makes an offer, you take what you get. There’s no room to be picky. 

You simply aren’t responding fast enough to hire the best people.

Desperate + Picky = Move Fast

Now let’s say you’re desperate and picky. 

Trucks are sitting empty and work is on hold until you get some people added to your team. BUT, safety and experience are critical in your line of work. You can’t hire just anyone off the street to do the job.

Well, the simple hiring solution is you have to be fast. You need to be the first company to spot the top candidate and extend an offer as soon as you’ve diligently interviewed them.

Slow + Picky = Be Patient

We know you want to hire the best candidate for your job opening. And job vacancies mean you’re jumping in to help in the field to keep everything moving forward. It’s understandable that you’re falling behind with interview follow up.

When you’re picky and slow to hire, you have to be patient. Take your time. Wait for the right person to apply. With the right job ads in place you’ll eventually find a good fit for your position, but it won’t be fast.

The Ideal Recruiting Persona

Recruiters are tired of hiring managers being desperate, picky, AND slow to respond. 

If we were choosing the ideal recruiting persona, we’d want you to be slow and picky. You’ve probably heard it before: slow to hire, quick to fire. You need to do your homework before you extend an offer, otherwise you’ll be back to interviewing before you know it.

What If You’re All Three?

Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. Nearly half of all small businesses have job openings they can’t fill according to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

If this is you, you’ve probably made concessions to fill a role, only to find yourself back in the hiring arena as red flags start to show up after a few weeks. It’s easy to feel desperate, picky, and be slow to hire when it seems like there’s more work than workers out there.

If you’re struggling to hire enough of the right people, the Core Fit Hiring System will solve your problems. Our system allows you to:

  • Attract your industry’s top people (attention: picky hirers!)
  • Quickly and accurately screen candidates (attention: slow hirers!)
  • Have confidence you’re making the right decision every time you hire (attention: desperate hirers!)

If you’re ready to radically change the way you hire, schedule your free discovery call today.