Automate Your Applicant Follow-Up

When looking to hire, how much of your time is spent on applicant follow-up, scheduling interviews, rescheduling interviews, and sending over important information?

Even if your answer is “minimal,” that’s too much time. Every minute you spend sending a follow-up email is a minute lost.

When you automate your applicant follow-up with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you can say goodbye to lost time. Keep your focus on where it should be – running your business and having quality conversations with candidates. If this sounds too good to be true, keep on reading.

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Increase Your Reach with an ATS

Let’s say you’re only getting a few applicants for your job posting and don’t feel the need to automate applicant follow-up. Sure, it might seem easier to reach out to each applicant individually. But over time, those extra minutes add up.

With an ATS, you can simultaneously increase the number of high-quality applicants you receive and save yourself time in the applicant follow-up process.

Instead of posting your available job on multiple websites, simply upload the job description on your ATS and the software will automatically post to as many job boards as you’d like.

You no longer have to input all the same information over and over again. With one click, the job will be in front of thousands of job seekers.

Take Out the Busy Work by Automating Applicant Follow-Up

Now that you have the applicants rolling in, the next step is using the ATS to automate communication, scheduling, screening, and the interview process.

We’ll save the ins and outs of how this system works for another day, but below, discover some great examples of how an ATS can help.

  • Send an email automatically when you decide not to move forward with an applicant.
  • Automatically send an email or text to accept an application and provide details about the next steps.
  • Connect the ATS to your calendar to allow applicants to schedule a time to interview.
  • Prep applicants by automatically sending information about the interview process.

In addition to saving you time, using the automated features of an ATS will help you get your best candidates in for an interview before your competition hires them.

Put It Back on the Job Seeker

In addition to saving you time communicating with potential applicants, an ATS can weed out applicants who are not serious about the job.

Send an automated applicant follow-up email that asks them to answer a few questions and get notified when they do. Be sure the questions don’t take too much time or effort, or you may scare off your good candidates. As the responses come in, you’ll see who’s serious about your job posting. This way, you can save your time and energy for the candidates who really want to work with you.

Use the Right Tools

Just like you use the right tools to make your business as efficient as possible, using the right tools to automate your applicant follow-up will save you time and money.

Better recruiting results are just a few clicks away. Using an ATS to automate applicant follow-up will be a game changer.

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