Overcoming the Labor Shortage

Ep. 16: Overcoming the Labor Shortage

In this episode, we tackle the pressing issues of hiring and retention in the construction industry with the insightful Jennifer Wilkerson. She fearlessly addresses the elephants in the room and emphasizes the importance of focusing on the long game and the benefits of having women as part of construction crews.

Jennifer emphasizes the need for the construction industry to share its pride and showcase the incredible work it does in contributing to communities. By getting young people interested in the industry from a young age, we can build a strong foundation for future generations.

Our discussion also sheds light on the challenges women face in the industry and the urgent need for equal opportunities, fair treatment, and family-friendly policies for everyone in construction.

We discuss the importance of providing training and mentorship programs to support women’s career growth and encourage their participation in traditionally male-dominated roles.

Join us as we unravel the misconceptions, biases, and safety concerns surrounding diversity in construction. Discover how companies can create inclusive environments that celebrate the contributions of all employees and pave the way for a diverse and thriving workforce.


[02:20] – Jennifer highlights the importance of long-term strategies to attract young people to the industry, especially women, and the need for better representation of our industry.

[05:24] – A thought-provoking discussion on the societal shift towards college degrees as the single pathway to success, and how this has impacted the perception of the construction industry.

[07:29] – We delve into the unique opportunities in construction – from starting on your tools to owning your own business, and how the industry is about building more than just structures, but the world itself.

[09:17] – Jennifer shares heartwarming stories of people in construction who take immense pride in showing their families the tangible results of their work.

[11:25] – Tips for contractors on how to connect with schools and community centers near their project sites to inspire and educate young people about construction careers.

[21:37] – A deep dive into the unique challenges faced by women in construction, and how making small changes like offering PTO in the field can make a big difference.

[28:12] – Jennifer emphasizes the importance of making construction sites female-friendly and advocating for training and progression opportunities for women.

[33:00] – Safety implications of sexual harassment in the industry and the measures companies can take to address these issues effectively.

[34:03] – How we can change perceptions and attract more people to construction.

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Connect with Jennifer Wilkerson:

Website: https://www.nccer.org/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jengwilkerson/