Impacts of Consistent Branding on Recruiting

Consistent branding

Creating consistent branding is a goal for most companies. You want your business to come across as reliable and grounded. Business logic tells you this will help you attract and retain customers and clients. But have you considered the impacts of consistent branding on recruiting?

Many business leaders find themselves stressed out because no matter what they do, they can’t seem to attract exceptional talent. You may find yourself turning down new jobs because you don’t have the workforce to fulfill the demand. Or, maybe you find yourself avoiding your employees at the end of the week, just in case they resign.

If your company is a fantastic place to work, offering great opportunities and competitive benefits, it’s time to get to the bottom of your recruiting troubles. Have you looked at your branding, specifically in how it will impact recruiting?

Your company’s consistent branding efforts have a significant impact on your ability to attract and recruit good people.


It goes without saying that both customers and candidates want to connect with a company that has integrity. However, when you aren’t consistent in your branding, it shows a lack of commitment to your image.

Imagine opening a website that shows a very professional main page. However, when you click to the Facebook page you see pictures of the last company party and the VP of Sales doing a keg stand. Which persona do you believe? As a job candidate, you’re probably left feeling confused and wondering if you would enjoy working there. Most likely, you’ll click to the next job ad.

When you do something drastically different from the brand you want to represent, it gives off an impression of an external lack of integrity. This can lead people, both customers and candidates, to wonder what the inside of your organization looks like.

Keep your company’s brand consistent. Often, external chaos means internal disaster.


Consistent branding gives the impression of professionalism. This doesn’t mean your team is wearing suits and ties. You can be professional while still maintaining a relaxed company atmosphere.

Job candidates want to work for a company that has their act together. By presenting your brand in a professional manner, you can show the world you know what you’re doing. You have the experience to be a lasting competitor and you can support hiring a new employee.

Professional, consistent branding extends far beyond your web and print presence. Imagine you have a plumbing emergency and two plumbers show up. One is dressed in a freshly pressed uniform and steps out of a company-branded truck. The other is also wearing a uniform, however, it’s wrinkled and it’s clear that it hasn’t been washed recently. The second plumber steps out of his personal beat up truck. Both plumbers have exceptional references and are more than capable to do the job. Who do you invite in?

It only takes a few seconds to set the tone with customers and candidates. Most job seekers are looking for a great place to work that will take care of them. If you give off a professional image from the very first time they read your job posting and visit your website, you’re already starting on the right path to build a lasting relationship.

Stand Out With Consistent Branding

Consistent branding can help you stand out from your competition. It’s easy for a job seeker to do a quick job search for their industry and find dozens of openings. What makes you stand out from your competitors?

When competing for top talent, don’t just review the branding on your own website and social media pages, it’s important to check out your competition.

If you notice your information is right on par with everyone else, that’s not a good thing. Dig deeper to find out how you can elevate your company to the next level and set yourself apart.

It’s possible during your competitive analysis, you notice everyone in the industry has awards and testimonials, while your website sticks to the facts of what your company does. Depending on the brand image you want to portray, it may be time to reassess what you share with the public. Including employee testimonial videos is a great way to show potential candidates what it’s like to work with you.

Find a way to make your company stand out from your competition and you will start to attract top talent.

It’s important to note that standing out isn’t always a good thing. Keep personal rants, partying pictures, and offensive memes off of your social media platforms. Make sure your website is cohesive and well written. You want to stand out in a good way.

The goal of consistent branding is to stand out while maintaining a professional tone. It’s important to keep your branding consistent anywhere a customer or candidate will encounter it. This includes your website and social media digital presence, but also ads, billboards, blog posts, work vehicles, and more.

Some companies go so far as to have a process in place for every step of the customer experience. For example: the drivers park on a particular side of the driveway, take three steps back after ringing the doorbell, wear floor protectors, and leave the house cleaner than when they arrived. Is all this effort worth paying a little more? Many customers agree, yes!

If a company takes the time to be detailed with their customer experience, it goes without saying they’ll be thorough in their recruiting. A consistent brand also includes your team. In order to attract candidates who will match your company’s values and vision, it’s vital to find someone who is a perfect fit. By creating consistent branding, you’re much more likely to attract this type of candidate.

Investing in Your Product

If you’re the kind of company to invest in your service, product, or brand, it gives the impression you’re also willing to invest in your team. Spending time to make sure your brand is consistently in line with your company’s values and vision is time well spent.

Consumer marketing is a big part of recruiting. When you think of branding, the way it affects your customers is similar to how it will affect your job candidates. Instead of a customer giving you money to buy a product or service, a candidate is giving you their time in return for a paycheck.

Once your consistent branding aligns with who you are as a company, you’ll start attracting the right people to the right positions when you need them.