Be Careful with Your Job Titles

Job Titles

If people cannot find your open jobs, they can’t apply. It’s that simple.

If you’re struggling to get even a handful of suitable applicants, the problem could lie in your job titles. You need to simplify your job titles, and you will see an immediate increase in the number of quality candidates applying for your jobs.

Creative Job Titles Don’t Work

If there’s one piece of advice to listen to, it’s to steer away from creative job titles when posting on job boards.

Instead of making a job title sound unique and interesting, be straightforward. Think about what the employee will be doing most of the day. If it’s customer service, post that you’re looking for a customer service rep. The easier you can make it for people to understand what role you need to be filled, the more applicants you’ll receive.

Job Titles Create Visibility

When potential applicants search for roles, they’re not typing in fancy keywords to search. For example, if you’re hiring for a general laborer but thought you’d stand out if you used the job title of Panel Tech, you’re confusing job boards and applicants – what’s a Panel Tech?

Job boards rely on keywords and titles to understand what position you’re hiring for, and if you avoid classic terms to stand out, you’re not helping yourself. Of course, you can use different job titles internally, but keep those internal.

Keep it Simple

When it comes to quick changes generating significant results, changing your job titles is as good as it gets. The next time you post a job, consider using a more straightforward job title and watch the applicants pour in.

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