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Results from the Frontline

"We Reduced Turnover Rate by 130%..."

“Ryan’s system has SIGNIFICANTLY improved the quality of people that both apply and that we hire.”

– Crash of Rhinos Painting

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"We Filled 50 Positions in 90 Days..."

"We’re having better success with our recruiting and filtering applicants. The processes are great, and it’s really been a fantastic process working with Ryan."

– Shelby Erectors, Inc.

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"We now have the best culture in over 10 years…"

"Core Matters helped us devise a system that took us to the next level and we are going to have our best year ever!"

– Turn It On Electric

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Able to Hire More Qualified People

“Core Matters did an awesome job of teaching us how to hire. Going forward we are very confident that we will be able to find and hire awesome people.”

– Aire Serv of Coastal Carolina

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Find People with the Right Attitude

"Core Matters has helped us to have the passive candidate keep an eye on us and then reach out. It's been really successful!"

– Mr. Electric of San Antonio

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Taken us to the next level!

Core Matters was instrumental in providing not only very succinct and organized learning modules, but also in following up with how we implement the tools.

– Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors

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Our People are Now Our Strength

"Core Matters helps us make our hiring and our team our competitive advantage"

– PuroClean

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We revamped our entire process! It's time well spent.

We can train skill, but defining that culture within your business and then hiring people that align with that culture is what it's all about.

– Schloegel Design Remodel

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Enabled us to run a much better, more efficient, safer business!

And literally in 90 days we were able to pick up 50 employees that got us to our goal, where we needed to be, to be able to manage the waters.

– Shelby Erectors

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A Clear Purpose Drives the Team

“With the guidance of Core Matters, I’m able to create a team and image that I’m proud of!”

– Redline Electric

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Cut Recruiting Time in Half

"They helped me find the people I want to hire, and which I HAVE hired."

– Minnick’s Heating and Cooling

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Filled 4 Positions in 2 Months!

“Core Matters gave us guidance and materials and was available to help us work through the process whenever we needed them.”

– TeamLogic IT

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110 Applicants and 5 Hires, So Far!

"The results are real and tangible and making a difference in our company everyday."

– Weather Shield Roofing

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The Quality of Our Applicants Has Gone Up Considerably

“I can’t recommend Core Matters enough for anybody that is struggling to hire.”


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