Transforming Affordable Housing

Transforming Affordable Housing

Ep. 56: Transforming Affordable Housing


In today’s episode, we had the privilege of hosting Mike Kaeding, CEO of Norhart, who shared his transformative approach to disrupting the construction space. Mike’s company is driving a 20-30% reduction in construction costs with a vision to achieve 50% reduction.

By integrating all trades under one roof and implementing revolutionary techniques like the assembly line, they’re building affordable housing at scale. More than just tech, Mike’s insights on recruiting rockstar employees and building a values-aligned culture are invaluable.


  • Construction costs can be substantially reduced, leading to affordable housing for all.
  • Bringing all the work under one roof and applying revolutionary techniques improves efficiency and reduces project timelines.
  • Coordination and collaboration between trades are crucial to avoid delays and maximize productivity.
  • Recruiting top talent and building a strong culture are essential for long-term success.


00:34 Reducing Construction Costs

01:15 Bringing Work Under One Roof

03:03 Coordination and Efficiency

04:42 Benefits of Controlling the Process

05:17 Collaboration and Recruitment

06:27 Building a System

07:52 Overcoming Challenges

08:17 Transition to Vertical Integration

09:17 Learning and Improvement

10:03 Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain

11:14 Making a Meaningful Impact

12:45 Learning from Other Industries

15:39 Recruiting Top Talent

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