Tracy Enos | Is LinkedIn Right For You & Your Business?

Ep. 21: Is LinkedIn Right For You & Your Business?

In this episode of the Blue Collar Culture Podcast, we have the honor of sitting down with a LinkedIn expert and business consultant— Tracy Enos— whose focus is to maximize the investment business owners make on LinkedIn. 

Not only does Tracy work with business owners, but she’s also the author of LinkedIn: Publishing To Profit.

Think LinkedIn is just for select businesses and won’t work for you? “Think again,” says Tracy as she clears up some of the most common misconceptions people have about the platform.

This week we chat about myths about the LinkedIn platform, as well as…

  • Tips and tricks to get the most out of LinkedIn
  • How LinkedIn can work for various types of businesses
  • The biggest mistakes you’re making on LinkedIn— and how to fix them quickly
  • What’s changed over the years with LinkedIn and how to keep your profile up to date
  • And more

Listen now…

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