No Selling Required For Home Services

Ep. 6: No Selling Required For Home Services

In this episode, we delve into the revolutionary concept of the new flat rate, a comprehensive menu-based pricing system designed to streamline operations and boost sales in the home service contracting industry.

Our guest expert, Rodney Koop, shares insights on how this system enables technicians to excel in both technical expertise and salesmanship, offering a win-win solution for contractors and customers alike.

Discover how the new flat rate addresses the challenges of finding skilled personnel, navigating economic uncertainties, and maximizing revenue.

Gain valuable tips on prioritizing customer interactions, presenting options effectively, and leveraging convenience to drive higher sales.


[0:00] What is the New Flat Rate?

[3:16] Can a product like yours help you get through some of these hiring challenges and keep selling and revenue flowing?

[8:16] What are we here for today?

[13:29] How the new flat rate model works.

[16:13] How Service Titan integrates with every CRM there is.

[22:48] Hire service technicians who serve higher sales and people who sell.

[26:28] What happens when 300 million people click a button on their phone or laptop and somebody is working in a place that never existed before.

[31:48] The New Flat Rate is a great way to take these great service technicians and give them a tool that will help them with increasing revenue.

Join us as we explore how the old way of selling is out, and the game-changing potential of the new flat rate and its transformative impact on the home service contracting landscape, is in.

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