Matt Beaudreau | You’re a Millennial and I Hate You!

Ep. 43: You're a Millennial and I Hate You!

On this week’s Blue Collar Culture, we dive into a topic we usually wouldn’t address on this podcast: millennials, the generational divide, and how people think depending on the generation they’re in. This week’s guest, Matt Beaudreau, is a world-renowned keynote speaker on this topic in addition to being the founder of several Acton Academies across Northern California.

“Pay attention to the technological trends of younger generations. Those are your future employees and customers. Where are their eyeballs? Do we want to get in front of those eyeballs now, or in the future? These are generational context questions that you need to ask yourself now and try as best as you can to project in the future. The last part of this is the understanding that, because of technology, these changes are happening so rapidly at this point that adaptation as a business is non-negotiable. Things are going to change and they’re going to change rapidly. Get your head around that concept and you won’t be caught off guard,” says Matt.

We chat about classifying millennials, as well as:

  • Advice for overcoming the generational divide
  • Growing up in the information age
  • Better connecting with millennial employees by changing your perspectives
  • Why younger people are more attracted to mission-driven organizations
  • And more

Mentioned in this episode: