Laura Posey | One-Page Business Success Plan

Ep. 15: One-Page Business Success Plan

In the popular imagination entrepreneurs fly by the seat of their pants… make bold decisions on a whim. Inspiration and a “go-for-it” attitude are certainly part of breakthrough businesses.

But, says Laura Posey, you mustn’t forget to plan. Without a plan you won’t have a clear path to success, know what you need to do to get there, or even recognize what success looks like. 

Laura says planning shouldn’t take long – just a few hours for an entire year. And your plan shouldn’t take up more than a page. Those limitations, she explains, force you to focus on “the stuff you deeply care about.”

We talk about what must be in a plan, what you can leave out, how to communicate your vision to your team and get their buy-in, and much more.

Tune in to find out…

  • The two biggest – and most dangerous – myths about planning
  • How to maintain your passion for your business and stay motivated
  • The first step to make your business plan (and it has nothing to do with your business)
  • Why the more time you spend on your plan… the worse it gets
  • And more

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