Kelley Jarvis | Reduce Your Time in Email by 95%

Ep. 28: Reduce Your Time in Email by 95%

Many entrepreneurs and business owners have realized the value of having a virtual assistant. 

But there is still a stigma attached for some, says Kelley Jarvis, director of client success with AssistPro: that a VA isn’t as effective as having someone in-house… that they’re somehow separate from the rest of the team.

Kelley talks about why that’s a myth in our increasingly virtual world. Having a VA can be a seamless experience for you – and your clients – from day one.

We dig deep into this topic – one we’re passionate about because of our top-performing VA – shout out to Katie! 

Tune in to find out…

  • The #1 benefit to hiring a virtual assistant
  • Dangers of not hiring a VA you probably didn’t realize
  • The “matchmaking” process they use to make sure it’s a good fit
  • Details on the onboarding process that helps new VAs hit the ground running
  • And more

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