Jim Padilla | It’s Not What You Say, But Who You Are

Ep. 30: It’s Not What You Say, But Who You Are

Sales tactics shouldn’t be forced or hype-y, says master sales trainer Jim Padilla. This co-founder (with his wife, Cyndi) of the outsourced sales team provider and salesperson recruiter Gain the Edge maintains that effective sales is all about being “natural.”

Jim says we are “selling” all the time – getting your kids to listen to you, for example. So he advocates bringing some of that care and attention to your business sales. Don’t slip your sales hat on when talking to a prospect – be yourself. 

That helps you listen better and build a real relationship – that’s what gets quality leads and higher sales, says Jim.

We talk about that in detail, including…

  • The secret of the Park Bench Sales Conversation
  • Finding the right “players” for each position on your sales team
  • Why – and how – average salespeople can outperform sales rock stars
  • A rigorous hiring process for finding the best fit candidates for your business
  • And more

Listen now…

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