Breaking Myths in Construction Accounting

Breaking Myths in Construction Accounting

Ep. 58: Breaking Myths in Construction Accounting


In this conversation, Timothy Wingate and Ryan Englin discuss the power of integrating technology into financial and accounting processes in the construction industry. Timothy debunks the myth that doing things the same way is always the best way and emphasizes the importance of finding more efficient methods.

Timothy explains how his company, G + F Business and Financial Consulting, helps construction companies implement technology to improve their operations. He highlights the need for clean and accurate financial records as a baseline for implementing technology.

Timothy also discusses the role of project management software in streamlining processes and improving communication. He emphasizes the importance of giving oneself time to adapt to new technology and the long-term benefits it can bring to a construction business.


  • Embracing new technology can make a company more efficient and allow for more work-life balance.
  • Implementing technology can help streamline processes and improve profit margins.
  • Consultants specializing in construction accounting and technology integration can help companies find the right software and systems to meet their specific needs.
  • Implementing technology requires time and patience, but the long-term benefits, such as increased efficiency, improved reporting, and the ability to focus on business development, make it worthwhile. 


03:32 Inefficient Processes in the Construction Industry

04:26 The Role of Consultants in Implementing Technology

05:22 Customizing Technology for Different Construction Businesses

06:21 Assigning Roles and Responsibilities in Technology Implementation

07:21 Transitioning from a One-Person Operation to a Company

08:23 The Cost of Manual Processes and the Benefits of Automation

13:04 The Importance of Daily Logs in Project Management

16:18 The Time and Patience Required for Technology Implementation

19:07 The Importance of Giving Yourself Time to Adapt

20:18 The Impact of Technology on Business Growth and Success

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