Adam Honig | A CRM on Steroids

Ep. 20: A CRM on Steroids

Forget old school CRM, says Adam Honig, CEO of Spiro. It’s an expensive waste of time.

The alternative:  PRM – Proactive Relationship Management.  Spiro uses AI for more effective and efficient data collection and communications with prospects that lead to more sales and growth for companies. 

They’re bringing “big data” to sales to make salespeople more productive and make sure they focus on activities that get results – like actually talking to prospects… and keep them accountable. And it’s all automatic. We get into detail on this and how to build effective sales teams, as well as… 

  • Getting to the second layer of insight in sales
  • Eliminating the biggest time-waster in the sales process
  • Why an 80% close rate is a bad thing
  • Ways to identify a good salesperson during an interview, including key questions to ask
  • And more

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